The Source of the Nile

Thursday was travel day. We set of at 8am to make the 400km/7 hour journey back to Kampala. We were lucky enough to have an hour scheduled in on the way back for ''Tourist Time'. We took a boat trip to the 'Source of the Nile'... I have watched enough BBC documentaries to know that most countries lay claim to this fact and was keen to understand the Uganda take on it. We set off on the boat and after around 20 minutes were actually at the "Source of the Nile", essentially demarcation point of the Lake Victoria and the Victoria Nile which later becomes the White Nile. The whole of Lake Victoria is drained through this point. On the boat ride on the way back it did make me think how much of Uganda is actually made up of lakes and rivers but how difficult it is to actually make this accessible and safe to the population.